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Synonyms for gynandromorph

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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Although gynandromorphs have been reported previously, they have not been analyzed at this level of detail," Blanche Capel told Science News.
Chickens aren't the only animals that can become gynandromorphs.
A different series of color-blotched irregularities are termed mosaics and/or gynandromorphs (Scriber and Evans 1988a).
That explanation may apply to the presence of bilateral gynandromorphs such as those described in the Bay prawn Nephrops norvegicus (Farmer, 1972).
Who would have thought that "Hot Dog" Sturtevant, the man who by his late twenties had already developed linkage mapping, discovered gynandromorphs, studied courtship behavior, and was about to develop fate mapping would have worked in a lab in which there was a "jumble of bottles and equipment piled on the desks, .