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Synonyms for gynandromorph

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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The bilateral gynandromorph was first observed in Rock Island, IL (41[degrees]27'54"N, 90[degrees]33'50"W) on 16 December 2008 in a yard adjacent to the 84-ha Black Hawk Forest Nature Preserve along the Rock River in northwestern Illinois.
As the season progressed, male and female cardinals were observed paired, and eventually a resident male and female began defending the feeding area around the house and the gynandromorph was rarely observed.
The ventral side of the gynandromorph specimen has male plumage characters on the left side and female characters on the right (Fig.
DNA was extracted from heart, pectoral muscle, and toe pad samples of the left and right foot of the gynandromorph.
Although gynandromorphs have been reported previously, they have not been analyzed at this level of detail," Blanche Capel told Science News.
Chickens aren't the only animals that can become gynandromorphs.