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of or relating to or practicing gynecology

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The SAMAGE centre will be a referral centre for all complex gynaecological problems with special interest in endometriosis.
Dr Bushra Khan, renowned gynaecological oncologist, performed the ovarian cancer surgery free of cost, which is very common, but is expensive to be treated in private hospitals.
In conjunction, the US FDA concluded that these study data, supported by real-world evidence, demonstrated the substantial equivalence of the company's Senhance System to the da Vinci Si IS3000 device for gynaecological and colorectal procedures.
And to coincide with Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, September saw Saks salons opening on a Sunday for the Eve Appeal- offering hair and beauty appointments for donations.
This lack of awareness could be costing lives, so during September, Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, the UK's leading gynaecological cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, has been raising awareness of these under-profiled cancers.
6%) patients were suffering from gynaecological cancer making it third most common cancer.
More than one in five (22%) of women surveyed in Wales believed gynaecological cancers are associated with sexual promiscuity, while 43% felt that there was a greater stigma around gynaecological cancers than other forms of the disease.
There are five types of gynaecological cancer - womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.
He also acts as head of the surgical gynaecology department at Strasbourg University, France and is the director of advanced courses in gynaecological endoscopy at Institute for Research on Cancer of the Digestive Tract (IRCAD) institute in Strasbourg-France.
Gynaecological infections can be seen in any age group even as early as infancy but tend to be greater in the pre-school to early school-age girls.
The conclusion of the study was that less than one-fourth of young women between the ages of 16 and 25 that was admitted with confidence on being informed about gynaecological health issues in comparison to about 42 per cent of older women aged between 66 and 75.
The aim of the campaign is to reduce the incidence of and deaths from gynaecological cancers by educating the public on their curable and preventable nature.
WOMEN are failing to find out about gynaecological cancers because they are too embarrassed to talk about them, a charity warned yesterday.
Results: There were 43 cases of gynaecological malignancies with mean age of 43.
Women with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) have hormonal imbalance leading to gynaecological and reproductive disturbances.