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a sleeveless tunic worn by English girls as part of a school uniform

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Oi, I yelled at the radio, I'm not responsible for any gymslip mums, honest, booze-fuelled depravity on a very minor scale, maybe, and I'm not divorced, either.
Page 14 Brown's speech Gordon Brown urged Labour to believe it could still win the next election as he launched a set of policies designed to win back disillusioned voters, including putting gymslip mothers in supervised accommodation.
John's fling with gymslip minx Rosie gets even further out of control when she blackmails him into taking her for a night away.
To make matters even worse, Charlotte reveals she thinks she's pregnant and Karen doesn't want her daughter to repeat her mistake of becoming a gymslip mum.
Worrying statistics covering the past three years show Redditch has the fifth highest rate of gymslip mums and Walsall the tenth.
Now that every soap has had at least one gymslip mum (do we still call them that?
I had to wear a navy gymslip with a tie, a school beret and a blazer.
If the girl's gymslip was proud of the classroom floor, it was deemed too short for any demure young lady to wear and the girl would be told to lengthen her skirt.
Don't Just Stand There - I'm Having Your Baby (BBC Three, tomorrow, 9pm) | Winner of the silliest title of the week award goes to this offering from the channel seemingly obsessed with monsters, gymslip mums and the eclectic work of Seth MacFarlane.
M&S gymslip underwear and sport chic from Matalan are racing certs.
I THOUGHT I had heard everything but this idea of giving gymslip mums antenatal classes, beggars belief.
Young ladies would don a mini-length gymslip, blouse and tie and carry a satchel for a handbag and it was perfectly acceptable for chaps to admire her long legs.
He out-Toried traditional Tories with plans to commit gymslip mums to institutions where they can be taught how to be better girls.
These days, becoming a gymslip mum is almost a punch line - a rich comic seam mined by the likes of Little Britain - and an emblem of 'ned' culture.