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member of a Hindu sect practicing gymnosophy (especially nudism)

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The tradition of an encounter between Alexander and the gymnosophists originated with Onesicritus, pupil of Diogenes.
5[beta] as a scholastic composition on the theme, 'What would the gymnosophists write to Alexander?
Alexander the Great and the Indian Gymnosophists in the Hebrew Tradition.
Later in the book, Sisimithres, the head of the gymnosophists, will interpret this series of events as a sign that the planned rites are not acceptable to the gods:
In that way, he creatively proposed, sounding almost like the Indian gymnosophists he had so hoped to meet, that Soul gives rise to time.
The indictment of Brahmin gymnosophists (mendicant ascetics, portrayed as socially parasitic) is as old as antiquity, except that the ones being indicted in antiquity for being like the Brahmin gymnosophists were the Christians.
However, the gymnosophists at his court, led by Sisimithres, who brought Charicleia out of Ethiopia into Greece as a young girl, believe otherwise: "'Carry out this unhallowed sacrifice which the ancestral usages of Ethiopian custom make inevitable.
Diogenes Laertius records a tradition that even Democritus visited the Indian Gymnosophists (9.