gym suit

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clothes prescribed for wear while participating in gymnastic exercise

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Avi, Devil's Race Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting Danziger, The Cat Ate My Gym Suit McDaniel, When Happily Ever After Ends Reiss, The Upstairs Room Roth, Trapped
Don't get thinking it's a real country because you can get a lot of high school kids into gym suits and have them spell out "bananas" for the newsreels.
The gym suits kept slipping down around the knees of the Republican cheerleaders on Capitol Hill, and every time the Democrats lined up to spell the word "bananas" they found that one of the letters had been sold to a Chinese arms merchant or lost by Webster Hubbell.
At a loss for anything else to do, the Republicans had passed the time marking up the bills of recrimination, blaming the Democrats and one another for causing the trouble with the gym suits.
Boys ran around, playing different sports every season while girls did calisthenics indoors wearing identical gym suits.