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someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa

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He's first in, last out, a gym rat at an age where many struggle to shuffle along a pension queue.
I'm a gym rat anyway so I'll train over Christmas and hope to get a Huddersfield show for a title in February or March time.
Snooki is currently filming the third season of "Jersey Shore" in Seaside Heights with seven other Italian-Americans cast members, including gym rat Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who all live together in a house for the summer.
For example, a member with Hair Aware, Fashionista and Gym Rat badges would be more likely to pay attention to health-and-beauty-related Foursquare specials.
I work out almost every day, but I'm not a gym rat.
He got to where he is because he's a gym rat that loves to work and there's no reason he can't continue to improve if he keeps that up.
Historical gossip tells us Michelangelo was the queerest of the queer Renaissance genuises of Florence, and stunning David has defined the gay male gym rat ideal ever since.
If I were young and impressionable, I'd believe that 'proper medical advice and thorough expert supervision' were minor formalities and could be found in an old high school pal turned gym rat.
I'm also very regular with weight training, walking, cycling, Pilates and yoga," states the self-professed gym rat.
However, even here, escape is often a chimera, as in the former tale, where Peter O'Sullivan, "a little Mick nothing from Southie," as his first trick calls him, thrown out of his home at the age of seventeen, recreates himself as Peter Pillsbury, a buffed gym rat on the Boston-South Beach A-list circuit, who falls victim to his own internalized self-hatred and bigotry.
He's assembled a band of gym rat luminaries and cut one hell of a rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues disc.
Starring as Rambo, the muscle-bound protagonist in the show, means James will be staying in shape, but he swears he is no gym rat.
Excellent cardiovascular exercise," the former gym rat told me.