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sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports

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We purchased boat "bumpers" (floating cushions used to protect the hulls of boats from bumping the dock) and rope from a marina, as well as folding gym mats from a sports catalog.
Suddenly their cat-calls stopped and our chief guide, Joe, pointed excitedly as the special party guest swung into view before landing on the jungle floor as softly as Olga Korbut on an Olympic gym mat.
Were it overdone it would have been like chewing a gym mat, but it was so tender there was no effort to it at all.
Brian Redmore, left, and Paul Green collect a gym mat which was dumped in the area
The average gym mat contains 100,000 bacteria per square metre.
Gym mat and dumbbells are a good investment as it means you don't need to join a gym.
Crescent Street, vandalism to a gym mat reported at the middle/high school.
Top, yoga mat and matching bag, pounds 195 from Mulberry Left, the Gucci exercise collection features gym mat, pounds 345, chest expander, pounds 70, a skipping rop, pounds 85, and ankle weights that will set you back pounds 300
Kate kicked off her pounds 80 wedge heels before she stepped on to a blue gym mat to speak to youngsters playing judo.
In Crumpled, the women, clad in wrinkled paper dresses, tumbled and flopped on a gym mat that covered the stage.
John Kelly, the prison PE instructor, admitted Marshall had jumped to head the ball and fallen awkwardly but claimed the incident was near to the centre of the pitch and nowhere near the 6ft x 4ft gym mat.
The only thing is that now Bobby is doing more backward somersaults than the bloke in a fat suit bouncing about the gym mat on that telly advert.
Dumbells, Rubber Dumbells, Gym Mat (Gymnasium Mat), Mirror For Gymnasiums, Trademill, Ellipticals, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bike, Spine Bike, Exer Cycle
The humble gym mat put 11,210 in hospital, 117 people were injured by cricket stumps and 605 came a cropper in a goal net.