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athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training


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There's already a winning bid for the weightlifting gym and high performance gym said the Executive Director of the PSC.
He said the new gym had already attracted 600 members who were attracted by the low-cost, no-contract model.
New Gym systems: The new update will add new slots to existing gyms - each gym will now support six slots in total.
Top three contributors for the global gym and health clubs market are elaborated below:
With this amazing business solution you can offer Gym Management system to your existing as well as new customer by using appsbazar gym mobile app.
Mr Alamgir said Muslim women reported they wanted a gym where they could uncover without being seen by men.
The gym offers over 60 classes a week, all included in your membership when you sign up, from zumba and yoga, to body pump and bootcamp.
You see it in the increased number of gym memberships, in the social media posts of people using the gyms and in the general vibe of wanting to be healthy," says Bejjani.
In 2014 Mas Body Gym, on Metcalfe Road, Middlesbrough, was placed second in the Best New Gym category.
29 July 2014 - US gym chain Gold's Gym said it had struck an agreement to take over domestic regional gym chain The Rush Fitness Complex.
At this gym students get the opportunity to do real gymnastics directly beside their local coffee shop, something not “the norm” in the gymnastics industry.
Now, he is a regular at the animal gym in Imphal and believes that exercising has helped him stay disease free.
Thousands of Midland consumers struggling to afford expensive gym memberships have won new contract cancellation rights.