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shift from one side of the ship to the other

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They were first to reveal a Chinese gybe, with their on-board reporter, Yann Riou, revealing: "It took two to three hours to sort out the mess.
As the big white-hulled ketch favoured broad gybe angles, Brindabella slid down the eastern shore.
Kernot looked on track to book his spot into the finals but with one puff the boat dived into a Chinese gybe, letting Mackay pass, and with solid boat handling the local team cruised down to the finish giving him the victory and setting up a winner takes all for match three.
Rice covers rigging and tuning, hoists, gybes and drops, tactics and survival sailing, for both solo and crewed vessels.
The larger drum is used for fast asymmetric spinnaker gybes or hoists while the standard drum allows fine-tuning, removing the need for additional winches.
Going into a series of gybes the big sail was pulled round easily as we set off back to St Kilda, with Patrice responding instantly to every twitch of my fingers on the McConaghy carbon wheel.
We managed to get ahead of Calibre at Nielsen Park, after we got some great angles on our gybes.
OFFSHORE spoke with YSA Committee members of the time Ian Treleaven and Maurie Cameron (chair) to tap their recollections of the tacks and gybes that led to the formation of the YSA.