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Synonyms for gybe

shift from one side of the ship to the other

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Carve Gybe believes these three functions are easy to explain and to use by anybody ages 5 to 105.
Team SCA, Dongfeng Race Team and Mapfre all did Chinese gybes from Monday to Tuesday, but the three crews escaped injury despite the boats crashing over in a massive seastate and 40 knots of wind (75 kilometres an hour).
Many small and medium sized organizations simply don't have the resources to manage their communications network effectively," says Gybe Technology Group's Managing Partner, Mike Vandall.
There were no injuries but damage to the boat included a broken wheel which will handicap Charles Caudrelier's crew when they gybe, the push pit (the protective bars at the back of the boat), aft stanchions (the posts on the side of the boat at the back) and a satellite antenna.
Brunel opted to continue on our original southerly route and not gybe west.
After discussion Thomas and I decided to gybe the Code-o without rolling it and this worked with just a bit of help to push it around the forestay, and we were on our way back with the plumb bow lined up on the magnificent Palma cathedral.
We had planned to gybe at the mark, but we couldn't because our spinnaker had some turns, so the two boats behind gybed and I think because they were together, we gained, sailing a better angle.
Their only incident was 200 miles before the finish, a Chinese gybe.
You had to play some gybes and take some options, it was full VMG sailing, so more of a game, more fun.