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Synonyms for guzzle


Synonyms for guzzle

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

to take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

Words related to guzzle

drink greedily or as if with great thirst

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Then there are some of my favorite trail-camera pictures when Blade made repeated, daytime visits to my water guzzler, confirming my hunch that guzzlers provide a much-needed source of water during the rut.
The poll showed North East motorists were most likely to penalise gas guzzlers while motorists in southern England and London were the keenest to see cheaper public transport.
auto industry, which has marketed and lobbied so hard on behalf of gas guzzlers for the past half-century, may not still be around to see that day.
My vehicle today may well be a gas guzzler, but I only drive 3,000 miles a year in it.
Department of Interior to "convert four ranching well developments into wildlife guzzlers for mule deer" on Preserve land.
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recently announced that new analysis conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in conjunction with NRDC reveals that "the gas guzzlers which supported Detroit's Big Three profits through the 1990s are experiencing not only sharply falling sales but also deeply diminished profit margins due to rising gas prices.
Naturally, many Venezuelan drivers, accustomed to paying pocket change to fill up their gas guzzlers, have no complaints that the price of an egg buys three liters of gasoline.
But now, with declining "clarity" about the direction of oil prices and burgeoning public disdain for at least the most monstrous of the oversized gas guzzlers, there is reason to believe that the "clarity" enjoyed by SUV makers for a decade may soon be a thing of the past.
Boosters are more strongly (positively) correlated with mathematics and English achievement while guzzlers are more strongly (negatively) associated with literacy and numeracy.
TV satellite boxes are one of the biggest standby power guzzlers, using anywhere from 7 to 40 watts, says Meier, partly because they must maintain a continuous connection to the satellite system.
The results: Caterpillars are gas guzzlers, and remarkably slow ones at that.
gt; Reward as well as Penalize Automakers: A sliding scale of tough penalties on dirty gas guzzlers balanced by rebates for the leanest and cleanest would tell Detroit and Japan what to do.
The combined effect of the credit crunch and increased taxation on gas guzzlers has seen the top end of the market grind to a halt.
Research by Co-operative Insurance found the region's favourite cars are actually very eco-friendly and few are enticed by headline-grabbing gas guzzlers.
A survey by Auto Trader suggests the introduction in last week's budget of punitive taxes on gas guzzlers - and incentives to buy low-emission cars - will have little effect on the cars we choose to buy.