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a seamount of volcanic origin (especially in the Pacific Ocean)

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Tambien existen grandes llanuras abisales que se extienden a una profundidad de 2 a 5 kilometros; estan salpicadas por montanas aisladas de origen volcanico, llamadas guyots o pitones, y las cruzan extensas cordilleras denominadas dorsales oceanicas, compuestas por grandes montanas, algunas de las cuales sobresalen de la superficie del mar y forman islas como Islandia, Hawai y las Azores.
Producers in the major production region of the south east, historically known for Guyots and Williams, are interested in developing red skinned and blushed varieties for the UK, he said.
Flat topped seamounts called guyots are well known in the Pacific.
Summer pears, where the season starts in mid-July, are yet to be assessed, although Michel Fabre, president of the pear committee, estimated Guyots would reach 55,000 tonnes and Williams 80,000 tonnes.
Guyots (flat-topped volcanic seamounts currently at water depths exceeding 1,000 meters) within the Mid-Pacific Mountains, the Line and Marshall islands, and east of the Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana Trenches, have been visited several times during the past 25 years of ocean drilling.