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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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The danger comes during raising and lowering; a change in wind speed or direction, or a poorly laid-out base, guy anchors or guy wire lengths can cause a disaster in the blink of an eye (I've been there and done that.
While our shorter tower (by 93 m) had more guy wires, it was only one more guy wire per group than each of the other two towers.
If an antenna location forces you to stretch a guy wire across a path, walkway or roadway and you can't put the antenna anywhere else, close the path and make that closure obvious.
The cheapest, and therefore the most widely used, is the guyed pipe tower, which is nothing more than several lengths of pipe screwed and/or welded together and held erect with guy wires.
The guy wires were attached and inspected; the gin pole was assembled and attached to the lifting guy wires.
But those power lines were knocked down when a tractor hit a guy wire supporting a utility pole, not by the wind, fire officials said.
PUTNAM - A 70-year-old Dayville man died early Saturday morning when his car went off the right shoulder of Interstate 395 south after Exit 95 and struck a guy wire.
Wednesday, and then up a guy wire, which caused the car to flip on its roof.
If you break a guy wire or a pole and the line falls, you could be killed or seriously injured.
The device fell, breaking a guy wire and causing the tower to fall.
The other three firefighters were able to leap from the building and clung to a guy wire holding a sign for the furniture store.
Police said she was driving a maroon GMC Envoy that ran up the curb and then a power line's guy wire, causing the vehicle to flip over onto its roof.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Guy Wire Arrangement,Sk.
Tower Must Have Guyed Wire Attachment Points For Optional Guy Wire Supports
The City of Ames needs to purchase ground rod clamps, connectors, tape, guy wire safety dispenser, brackets, deadend clamps, clevis, insulators, lag screws, crossarm pins, pole eye plates, anchor rods, washers, ballast kits, transformer bases, foundation anchors, steel luminaire brackets, ceramic lamps, fuse kits, fuses, polyurethane foam backfill, set screw connectors, UG cable guard, enclosures, cable cleaning preparation kits, elbows, poles, and guy wire, for Electric Distribution inventory.