guy rope

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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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There's no toilet I haven't braved, no unwilling pop star I won't stand next to, and no guy rope I haven't tripped over.
There was a sudden lurch as, tripped by a guy rope, the horse pitched into a bell tent.
Iwould be surprised if the kids of today know the difference bet-ween Guy Fawkes and guy ropes.
The ship sails, and each day is replete with a wide variety of fun-packed activities, which keep up until the guy ropes are tossed ashore at Waikiki.
Finally, secure your blinds in place with guy ropes tied to stakes or tree trunks.
A lot of people seem to have grim memories of holidays spent camping in a rain-swept field, surrounded by curious ewes trying to eat the guy ropes.
One of the group from Rhuddlan, mum-of-one Sara Jane King, was fixing the guy ropes at the back of her tent when she saw a ball of fire hurtling towards them.
99 each star buy IGLOO TENT In two designs, this threeperson Igloo includes a roll-up entrance, groundsheet, pegs, poles, guy ropes and carry bag.
In addition, Stone has replaced all the guy ropes which are used for stabilisation during bad weather.
BASED Stone Technical Services' steeplejacks' division has secured a number of new contracts totalling around PS50,000 for the company The firm has carried out a full repaint of two 20-metre high chimney stacks at Copella Fruit Juices, for Walker Snack Foods in Boxford, Surrey, and has replaced all the guy ropes used for stabilisation during inclement weather.
In order to encourage Brits to sort out their guy ropes and dust down their fold-up chairs, prices have been cut across the range of GO Outdoors tents.
Tenders are invited for Quantity 17 set of guy ropes each consisting of 04 customised 6mm steel ropes for anchoring the installed aws mast.
The last barbecue I endured there I was huddled within two fleeces and anchored to the ground with guy ropes.
Includes tent pegs, guy ropes and carry bag and comes complete with mozzie nets, ventilation windows and large entrance door.