guy cable

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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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k], m EI, kN kN/m k-1 49,00 1 663 776 1,56 k-2 47,25 1 171 314 2,19 k-3 74,25 1 171 314 3,57 Cable tension stiffness Guy cable Mast Guy E[A.
It is intended to use for each main guy two secondary guy cables situated in vertical plane (eg, in the case of solid mast) and two or four secondary guys, if a mast is latticed (Fig 1, c).
A difficult problem in the analysis concerns the guy cables.
It is generally observed that the higher the value of the angle [alpha], ie the higher is the tension stresses and strains in the guy cables, the more important the lateral displacements of the nodes.
The rational pretensioning of guy cables is obtained at [L.
check] Ensure that towers possess no broken, damaged, or deformed cross members or guy cables.
8 W/m2/deg K), hanging from the steel rafters on guy cables between the new window lintels and the roof pitch.