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Allan Robertson, the greatest player of his age, was said to have burned gutty balls when they first appeared, and also dismissed his apprentice, Old Tom Morris, after he used the new type of ball in a tournament.
The night will begin with cocktails and Scottish music by Clann An Drumma and the Gutty Slippers, at 8:00 PM, followed by the fashion show at 9:00 PM and live entertainment by edgy Scottish songstress KT Tunstall at 10:00 PM.
Portuguese Men O'War Kitchens Sell Houses THE opening track on this demo from Motherwell four-piece Portuguese Men O'War is called Gutty ***ed The Free World and it is as impenetrable as it is obscurely titled.
beefy, befitted, beige, bemixed, Bette, betted, bigeye, bitty, boyhood, bugeye, bugeyed, bumph, bumpy, butty, chebec, checked, chick, chipmuck, chuck, chucky, chymic, cubic, Debye, demurrer, ditty, dogtooth, dumky, dumpy, dunning, embed, emitted, emyde, ephebi, epithet, eutectic, exhume, exhumed, exude, ferrer, fetted, feued, fixup, fritterer, fumette, funning, gimpy, gutty, hedge, hempie, Hettie, hexed, hiccup, hotfoot, humid, humpy, impede, imphee, intendment, kedge, keyed, kitty, merrier, misguesses, mixup, mucic, murderer, ninny, outfoot, Panamanian, pellmell, Pennine, petite, petted, pigmy, pudgy, punning, puttee, putty, skepsises, speisses, successes, teeth, tempted, tight, tufty, tutee, unkenned, unpenned, uptight, yeuked
Footballers use a load of jargon and when they're tired out after a gutty it produces some real pearls.
On the Sunday night, Watson, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Weiskopf and partners headed back on to the course with some hickory clubs and gutty balls procured by Crenshaw from the library.
While the early compositions dealing with the overwhelming tragic postwar events appear more visceral and gutty, the recent ones, concerned with the sins and decadence of a consumer society, show a more composed and self-possessed writer who can allow himself to be ironical.
Over the years, Pakistanis have got used to the thin and bright liquors of Kenya and the gutty thick liquoring teas from India are not meeting their taste.
Television viewers around the world, via pay per view and closed circuit, saw a gutty and fearless performance from Botha as he had to settle for a 10-round majority draw against Briggs in front of a sold-out crowd of 5,150 at the Mark G.
Led by senior Brandon Brancato's gutty pitching, the Irish (23-8) wore down the Spartans (14-15).
Malone hit a deep 2-point jumper a minute earlier, only after senior guard Kelly Hamner twice kept the possession alive with gutty offensive rebounds.
Log-in to Runners World's website and search for Amby Burfoot's blog and you'll read about Mark's near miss and gutty finish.
The gutty old gelding was the first horse to win back-to-back Big 'Caps in 1981-82 and proved he was as good on dirt as he was on the turf.