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Allan Robertson, the greatest player of his age, was said to have burned gutty balls when they first appeared, and also dismissed his apprentice, Old Tom Morris, after he used the new type of ball in a tournament.
Fixby hope their No1 Richard Broadley is fully fit, for he had to drop out of the Hornsea Gutty, the Eagle Golf-Yorkshire Order of Merit on the East coast on Wednesday, with a chest strain.
Other areas tackled under the clean-up scheme since January included Goitre Lane, Gurnos, Tai Mawr Way, Swansea Road, Balaclava Road, Dowlais and the Gutty in Quakers Yard.
Portuguese Men O'War Kitchens Sell Houses THE opening track on this demo from Motherwell four-piece Portuguese Men O'War is called Gutty ***ed The Free World and it is as impenetrable as it is obscurely titled.
Dancers: Jorge Torres, Marcela Duran, Guillermina Quiroga, Gabriel Ortega & Sandra Bootz, Carlos Vera & Laura Marcarie, Francisco Forquera & Natalia Hills, Marcelo Bernadaz & Veronica Gardella, Claudio Gonzalez & Melina Brufman, Alejandra Gutty & Juan Paulo Horvath.
beefy, befitted, beige, bemixed, Bette, betted, bigeye, bitty, boyhood, bugeye, bugeyed, bumph, bumpy, butty, chebec, checked, chick, chipmuck, chuck, chucky, chymic, cubic, Debye, demurrer, ditty, dogtooth, dumky, dumpy, dunning, embed, emitted, emyde, ephebi, epithet, eutectic, exhume, exhumed, exude, ferrer, fetted, feued, fixup, fritterer, fumette, funning, gimpy, gutty, hedge, hempie, Hettie, hexed, hiccup, hotfoot, humid, humpy, impede, imphee, intendment, kedge, keyed, kitty, merrier, misguesses, mixup, mucic, murderer, ninny, outfoot, Panamanian, pellmell, Pennine, petite, petted, pigmy, pudgy, punning, puttee, putty, skepsises, speisses, successes, teeth, tempted, tight, tufty, tutee, unkenned, unpenned, uptight, yeuked
Footballers use a load of jargon and when they're tired out after a gutty it produces some real pearls.
On the Sunday night, Watson, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Weiskopf and partners headed back on to the course with some hickory clubs and gutty balls procured by Crenshaw from the library.
When players discovered the gutty had a better trajectory after it became damaged, manufacturers began applying "damage marks" to new balls.
While the early compositions dealing with the overwhelming tragic postwar events appear more visceral and gutty, the recent ones, concerned with the sins and decadence of a consumer society, show a more composed and self-possessed writer who can allow himself to be ironical.
Television viewers around the world, via pay per view and closed circuit, saw a gutty and fearless performance from Botha as he had to settle for a 10-round majority draw against Briggs in front of a sold-out crowd of 5,150 at the Mark G.
Tenders are invited for Broom Coconut With Gutty Bound, Excluding Gutty To Weight Not Less Than 500 Grams.
The Cardinals won a remarkable World Series they weren't even supposed to reach, beating the Texas Rangers, 6-2, in Game 7 last night with another key hit by hometown star David Freese and six gutty innings from Chris Carpenter.