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Synonyms for guttural

Synonyms for guttural

a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat

like the sounds of frogs and crows


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Mr T responds, gutturally, with his favourite words, and wags a fat finger.
Gestures a posteriori designated as comedy--John Baldessari singing Sol LeWitt phrases, for example, or Richard Prince putting a bar joke in quotes--are not gutturally so, while Lois (a recurring character in Dodge and Kahn's work) is immediately, heart-stabbingly funny, her monologues as hilarious as early Saturday Night Live.
In what typifies the brazen cheek of modern-day ``Sunday League'' personalities, instead of muttering me a culpas, the gutturally chal-lenged Jemini are gushing that perhaps this new-found notoriety might just help bounce their aptly-titled debut single ,Cry Baby,into the charts.
His back fur stood straight up, and he was growling gutturally, a sound I had never heard from him before.
The German of the camps was an alien tongue, spoken gutturally to those who frequently knew no German, and who would have to construct its meaning out of their own fear and for their own survival.