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Synonyms for guttural

Synonyms for guttural

a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat

like the sounds of frogs and crows


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Mr T responds, gutturally, with his favourite words, and wags a fat finger.
Then out of a thicket he walked, a whale of a whitetail, girthy, roman-nosed and grunting gutturally on the trail of a late-cycling doe.
Gestures a posteriori designated as comedy--John Baldessari singing Sol LeWitt phrases, for example, or Richard Prince putting a bar joke in quotes--are not gutturally so, while Lois (a recurring character in Dodge and Kahn's work) is immediately, heart-stabbingly funny, her monologues as hilarious as early Saturday Night Live.
In what typifies the brazen cheek of modern-day ``Sunday League'' personalities, instead of muttering me a culpas, the gutturally chal-lenged Jemini are gushing that perhaps this new-found notoriety might just help bounce their aptly-titled debut single ,Cry Baby,into the charts.
Pushed onstage and off in a wheelchair Clytemnestra gutturally recounts her nightmare visions of the return of Orestes, whom she has exiled.