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Its successor, the Guttie, transformed everything and made the game of golf accessible to a multitude of budding players.
Count me out, big man - I hate getting sand in my gutties.
His shoes are the thing that stick out the most - he wears gutties that you used to have in primary school
On our Facebook page, Lynn Chisholm said: "Nice pair of blue gutties they were, too.
Be warned though - the Belfast race is regarded one of the most demanding courses you would wish to confront after lacing up those virginal gutties.
Within hours, other teenagers were claiming on Twitter that they had thrown the blue gutties at the One Way or Another singer.
DC did indeed take time to locate their gutties before performing the breast stroke and for a period after Christmas they were many people's favourites to descend into trouble at the foot of the table.
It'll be like trying to climb Everest in a pair of gutties.
At least three kids have been temporarily blinded by the DIY gutties which are capable of firing objects at over 120mph.
There wasn't much and if McCoist has already forgotten the staggering - as in stumbling awkwardly like an Olympic sprinter with his spikes on the inside of his gutties - performance why should the rest of us have to dwell on it?
Talking of footwear, Monday was Sport Your Trainers Day when we were encouraged to wear our gutties to work in support of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014.
Yep, eight months and 18 days until the big event and we now have brand spanking new professional gutties and a bendy water bottle designed by athletes.
Then it dawned on me it was Damo's gutties they were staring at, so they must go.
Apologies to any sloths insulted by the comparison So I'm thinking I need a target, a focus, motivation to get the gutties out and get running.
I could get off that couch, get out on that track and prove I have what it takes to join Usain Bolt and the other top athletes on the planet - just as long as Berlino the bear gives me a wee loan of those blue shorts and the big green gutties.