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Synonyms for gutsiness

Synonyms for gutsiness

the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury

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These objects have great gutsiness and strength, and most have never been exhibited before.
The earthy gutsiness underlying both the techno-kitsch of modern Japan and the refined austerity of its traditional high culture breaks through all the time.
He was the little boy in tears - but showed us his gutsiness later at the funeral when speak-speak ing of his mother - William was too afraid of breaking down in tears.
The band's impressive creations are big, bold soul pop songs that reverberate with Motown's rousing four to the floor grooves, and at other times - pared down and stripped back - they bruise the emotions with the earthy gutsiness of Alabama Shakes.
Her subsequent exploits, including an easy Dundalk handicap success, have meant she has risen to 94 but Blue Moon's gutsiness means that ratings often do not matter, as five Polytrack wins from her latest ten handicap outings testify.
It's true to life, but a decent plot would have helped, not to mention a bit more gutsiness.
The gutsiness she had at 14 as Kitri in Don Q--could she find it again, 10 years later?
This gutsiness has little impact on the fuel consumption, pegged at 5.
And because of the gutsiness of the display, we thought we deserved the win.
The music of Jakkarta revisits the heavier sounds of Bif's roots and the gutsiness of her early works.
In Vermont, you're not going to have quite the same sort of depth of gutsiness as in Mississippi," he said of his original assumptions.
It is smart, sharp and cosmopolitan, a city with a certain type of gutsiness to it.
It is smart, sharp andcosmopolitan, acity with a certain type of gutsiness to it.
I admire Tessa for her gutsiness and just doing things for herself completely.