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fortitude and determination

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3 IF YOU have a sensitive gut you might find it easier to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than three a day.
Daniel McDonald of the University of Colorado Boulder spoke about the American Gut Project.
Bacteroides bacteria, which are associated with eating meat, increased in abundance in human guts to five times the level found in apes.
19 ( ANI ): Scientists have shown that specific gut bacteria are beneficial for maintaining a healthy intestine in the fruit fly Drosophila and mice, it also contributes to the overall health of these organisms.
Researchers from the Washington University recruited four human twin pairs discordant for obesity and transferred the gut microbiota in fecal samples from each of them into the guts of germ-free mice that had been raised under sterile conditions, without any microbes of their own.
When the investigators transplanted microbes from the guts of adult male mice into the guts of young females, the females displayed elevated testosterone levels, changes to their microbiota, and strong protection against type 1 diabetes.
Scientists found that when they transplanted gut microbes from mice that had undergone gastric bypass surgery into other mice, the recipients started shedding pounds.
While the authors make this material easy to understand, the psychological explanations of gut intelligence and instincts in this book are comprehensive, well-researched, and based upon clinical studies with hundreds people by the two authors.
Lamm explained that gut health is the secret to overall wellness.
Ayurvedic practitioners always focus on the gut as the primary area to heal for anything going on.
On subjecting him to a body scan, some murky items were detected in his guts.
He has become what CFOs must be in order to manage the complexity of their role--a whole leader able to demonstrate skills in three areas: head (providing strategy, direction and purpose), heart (understanding, working with and developing others) and guts (doing the right thing based on clear personal values).
A study found that, without many of the bacteria living in our guts, humans would not be able to digest many carbohydrates that are often found in fruit and vegetables.
Scientists have also observed snails that hitchhike by sticking to ducks' feet and eggs of tiny brine shrimp and other water animals that survive in bird guts.
Jim LeMay, a geneticist at the lab, recalls receiving a box from a state trooper that contained animal guts.