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Synonyms for gusty

Synonyms for gusty

exposed to or characterized by the presence of freely circulating air or wind

Synonyms for gusty

blowing in puffs or short intermittent blasts


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A standing ovation brought them trooping back for All You Need Is Love which the audience gustily joined in with.
We heard greetings from everywhere, were exhorted in a lengthy homily to deeper fervor and commitment to ecumenical and missionary witness by the archbishop of York, and gustily sang the old hymns of 1910, as well as joining in new songs in many tongues and dancing with the peoples of every culture and tradition around the globe.
Open-air religious services dotted around the town proved a magnet for many trippers, who joined in gustily with the hymns and listened attentively as clergymen relayed the story of Christ's crucifixion.
A cold wind was blowing gustily, there were dark clouds in the sky.
For another, the detour let him marry his sweetheart, Selinde Krayenhoff, and raise two sons with her, all of whom were on hand, applauding gustily at his restoration to the diaconate at a July service at St.
The sky's unresting cloudland, that with varying play sifteth the sunlight thru' its figured shades, that now stand in massiv range, cumulated stupendous mountainous snowbillowy up-piled in dazzling sheen, now like calm ships on a calm ocean drifting, now scattered wispy waifs, that neath the eager blaze disperse in air; Or now parcelling the icy inane highspredd in fine diaper of silver and mother-of-pearl freaking the intense azure; Now scurrying close o'erhead, wild ink-hued random racers that fling sheeted rain gustily, and with garish bows laughing o'erarch the land.