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Synonyms for gusty

Synonyms for gusty

exposed to or characterized by the presence of freely circulating air or wind

Synonyms for gusty

blowing in puffs or short intermittent blasts


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They hammered Raith 3-0 earlier in the month in the Challenge Cup and are gustily proving that part-timers can still do well at this level.
We heard greetings from everywhere, were exhorted in a lengthy homily to deeper fervor and commitment to ecumenical and missionary witness by the archbishop of York, and gustily sang the old hymns of 1910, as well as joining in new songs in many tongues and dancing with the peoples of every culture and tradition around the globe.
A standing ovation brought them trooping back for All You Need Is Love which the audience gustily joined in with.
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We are presented, for instance, with Icelandic sagas where dead spirits sing gustily in their open barrows, Sami tales about wizards who sail across the seas on a bit of enchanted bone, works of art that purposely exploit and confound the similarities between ice and snow, the (post)industrial landscapes of Britain, and accounts of a dry Japanese river bed which divides this world from the next, and where one can here the sobbing of ghostly children.
So much for art, which only comprehends the introversions of arches, lunettes, capitals, where the sunlight slowly floats up towards their rock-hung perches motes moths wings claws human hands fluttering prayers kites clapping gustily to barefoot beaches, the tidiness of a carved by time discoloured eminence being magnetic to such poor untidy littles or nothings, bits and pieces, yet 'of such' is the highly esteemed 'kingdom of heaven', what else?
Amanda Echalaz made a convincing lovestruck teenager; touchingly awkward, then gustily impulsive in the Letter Scene.