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of or relating to gustation

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The lack of wall pores and the presence of dendritic endings in the lumen suggest a gustatory function of s.
The study showed that more than half of the participants reported better breathing, improvement in olfactory and gustatory senses, endurance and physical status in general after initiation of e-cigarette use.
Dubai: Provedore is the Latin for 'provider' and out on a lunch at this ultra chic urban restaurant overlooking the sea last week, you quite figure out what it exactly provides - a delightful gustatory experience in a stunning setting.
10) The testing of nutrition as advocated by the International College of Applied Kinesiology is a discipline limited to the tested substance stimulating the gustatory or olfactory nerve receptors, combined with accurate and specific muscle testing.
Topics cover include: Various forms of cortical dysfunctions, such as seizures, disconnection syndrome, coma, and dementia; The role of prefrontal cortex in behavior and attention, introducing the topic of autism; Up-to-date information on the auditory, vestibular, gustatory, and limbic systems; The neurochemistry of the limbic system, memory and associated disorders, and the structural and neuronal circuitry of the hippocampal gyrus; Structural organization and associated pathways of the extrapyramidal system, demonstrating the neurochemical basis of movement disorders, and more.
Metaphors proliferated, both ecological and gustatory.
Of course, tiny vegetables' main draw is their perceived gustatory superiority.
Never had I dreamed of that porridge's gustatory potential
Happy New Year 2014" brings the world a full range of visual, auditory and gustatory experiences of Chinese New Year.
This finding showed that these glands were near the gustatory papillae as fungiform and vallate [26].
Stevia has unique therapeutic and gustatory characteristics, is able to restore the disturbed metabolic processes in the body and to increase the energy level.
The bioengineered submandibular gland produced saliva in response to the administration of pilocarpine and gustatory stimulation by citrate, protected against oral bacterial infection and restored normal swallowing in a salivary gland defect mouse model.
The newly discovered sensor belongs to a family of proteins, called gustatory receptors, that have been studied for over a decade but never linked to thermosensation, Garrity says.
These nerves mediate gustatory information from the tongue to the brainstem.
But he couldn't be closer to the truth with his observation that every meal will be gustatory delight if you just stick to fish.