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of or relating to gustation

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Notre fabrication de yaourts et produits lactes repose sur un processus de pasteurisation multiple avec elimination des risques tout en preservant la qualite gustative.
Zarantonello and Schmitt(2010) said a sensory dimension is "visual, auditory, tactile, gustative, and olfactory stimulations provided by a brand" .
S'il est aujourd'hui possible d'elaborer des produits qui, malgre l'immensite des choix possibles, sauront plaire a tous, la sensation gustative, fondement du plaisir, demeure neanmoins eminemment complexe.
Lusciously luxurious, 71 per cent smooth dark chocolate is infused with truffle oil for one of the most intense gustative experiences available, and a few spoonfuls is more than enough to satisfy any palate.