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the faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouth

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11,12) Sensillum basiconicum Gustation, olfaction (Ma 1972; Albert 1980; Li et al.
A tout instant, il est loisible de se defaire des routines sensorielles pour entrer dans d'autres apprentissages, elargir la finesse de son regard, de ses perceptions chromatiques, de sa gustation, de sa tactilite, s'ouvrir a d'autres musiques, d'autres sonorites, etc.
The 13 papers in this collection describe such fish olfaction topics as the development and evolution of the olfactory organ in Gnathostome fish, responses to amino acids in rainbow trout, olfactory discrimination, recordings of stimulated goldfish, cross-adaptation, alarm reactions, solitary chemosensory cells, the Barbel taste system in catfish and goatfish, taste bud cells and their behavior, the role of gustation in comparisons of species based on volumetric brain data, and taste tests for the nine-spined stickleback from the Moscow River and White Sea basins.
Clark (1997) noted the importance of chemical senses in birds, but also the infrequency in which these senses (that is, olfaction, gustation, and chemesthesis) are investigated relative to species ecology (for example, management-related applications).
The dorsum of the tongue of mammals presented a specialized mucous membrane with lingual papillae related to specific function of gustation.
Table 1 Summary of the structures and suggested functions for seta type 1, 2, 3 of Palaemon adspersus Type of seta Length in [micro]m Pore * Neurons/cilia Type 1 Serrate 250-300 - 4-9 Type 2 Serrulate 200-250 + 18-25 Type 3 Serrulate 150-200 - 4-9 Scolopale * Modality Primary function Type 1 + Bimodal Protection Type 2 + Bimodal Gustation Type 3 + Bimodal Grooming * Plus indicates presence; - indicates absence.
50) and perhaps you, too, will listen, look and see better, fueled no doubt by a similar Colombian gustation.
are the very substance of the rasa experience, but they are experienced differently from emotions in real life owing to the peculiarity of the situation--call it the aesthetic situation--in which they occur, and they are all savoured, become objects of gustation in a way that they are not in real life.
founded in gustation, though, this also means that his identity is constantly
Thus he can only "savor" the past--Percy is consistent from genre to genre in attributing gustation to aesthetic repetition.