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Painting is invoked by Beecroft and her apologists to gussy up what is really lame performance, which succeeds because it's one night only, so most people never see it.
Continue reading "Here's How to Linguistically Gussy Up Deborah Kass's Sweet OY/YO Sculpture in Brooklyn" at.
Certainly owning a home, or consistently renting an apartment in the same location for a decade, can also gussy up your credit history.
Frank Cardoza plans to gussy up his miniature schnauzer in a cowboy outfit - even if Stogey isn't thrilled about it.
To gussy up sundaes, use sauces such as hot fudge, caramel, pineapple, berry or other fruits, butterscotch or dulce de leche.
Gussy up the back yard or garden with plants and flowers and perhaps a gazebo or an arched trellis, enhancements you can enjoy later.
Definitely a time-saver, use the glaze to baste vegetables, fish, meats or poultry on the grill or to drizzle atop already cooked meat, poultry or fish or gussy up plates.
Be sure to garnish the top with chocolate cake or cookie crumbs to resemble dirt, then sprinkle with assorted colored candy gummy worms and gussy up by planting a bunch of colorful silk flowers in the center.
If you keep a medley of flavors stashed in your freezer, you can gussy up a wide range of foods in a flash.