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Antonyms for gusseted

provided or reinforced with gussets


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The SVE 2510 DR produces besides pillow, gusseted, block bottom and corner sealed bags also doy-style stand-up pouches for food and non-food products.
If they're paying $10 for a gusseted pillow, compared to $9 for a regular one, it seems like a real value," Stewart said.
A fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from getting in the boot and an injection molded shank provides exceptional support, especially when under the load of a full pack.
Available in Angus, Non Angus, Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Blue Cheese Burger, Jalapeno Burger and Onion Burger varieties, the burgers are packed in a gusseted, resealable bag containing six patties.
The fiber bed uses a gusseted baffle-box construction and retails for $59.
Pre-zippered film with foldable zippers on the unlocked position is formed into a gusseted package.
The Topaz is available in a variety of seat widths and depths, frame reinforcements that include gusseted sides, caster journals, and dual heavy-duty crossbraces.
Available either custom printed or unprinted and in flat or gusseted styles, the pouches can also be tailored to specific shelf-life requirements.
Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation is offering an array of new accessories for its Pro Series II vertical rack cabinets, which feature adjustable tapped front and rear rack rails and gusseted horizontal supports for additional strength.
The interior has gusseted dividers and a pocket for both a PDA and cell phone.
Now offering new kraft bin boxes, gusseted poly bags, padded envelopes
The tines are fully gusseted on each side and interconnected to one another to provide strength and durability.
The Phaser XP is capable of producing pillow, gusseted or flat bottom packages from two inches to 13 inches in width and three inches to 15 inches in length, at speeds in excess of 60 packages per minute.
The gusseted crotch allows for greater range of mobility.