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a metal plate used to strengthen a joist


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But an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the "probable cause" of the collapse was "inadequate load capacity" due to a "design error of the gusset plates," sheets of steel that connect a bridge's beams and columns.
A thicker gusset plate was used because the recommended size was not available.
Differences in performance of the short and long gusset plates became more obvious in the glued joints.
The fatigue moment resistances of other types of commonly used furniture joints, such as end-to-side, in-plane gusset plate joints, end-to-face, and notched type joints, need to be investigated under the cyclic stepped load conditions.
Tenders are invited for Preventive maintenance - Replacement and fabrication & erection of worn out support angles, gusset plate, cross support channels and rib plate T joint fixing in the I beam supporting brazing and clits angle at gravity bend pulley roofing area in conveyor 8A1 / 8B1.
Tenders are invited for (I)Repairing And Changing Of V Bracing By X Frame And Provision Of Lateral Bracing With Gusset Plate In All Welded Girder Of 12.
Using the lower bound theorem of limit analysis and the uniform force method, the guide addresses: brace-to-gusset connections, orthogonal and nonorthogonal connections, chevron or K-bracing, eccentric braces, connections at column base plates, both non-seismic and seismic conditions, and gusset plate stability.
3 Gusset Plate Size: 8 X 260 X 290, T-1-2-524, Alt-W/9, Item No.
Tenders are invited for Repairing And Changing Of V Bracing By X Frame And Provision Of Lateral Bracing With Gusset Plate In All Welded Girder Of 12.
Workers will be inspecting and replacing corroded gusset plates - pieces that help to hold structural components together - as well as rivets that have been damaged by rust.
The innovative new Memorial Bridge is the first truss bridge in the United States built without gusset plates, which typically connect bridge beams, or trusses, together.
It had to do with the fact that the bridge was under construction, there was deterioration in the gusset plates and the construction loading on the bridge wasn't symmetrical.