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Well, don't cry about it, mother,' said I, for the tears were gushing from her eyes; 'there, let that kiss efface the one I gave Eliza; don't abuse her any more, and set your mind at rest; for I'll promise never - that is, I'll promise to think twice before I take any important step you seriously disapprove of.
In the midst of the grove was a fine lawn, sloping down towards the house, near the summit of which rose a plentiful spring, gushing out of a rock covered with firs, and forming a constant cascade of about thirty feet, not carried down a regular flight of steps, but tumbling in a natural fall over the broken and mossy stones till it came to the bottom of the rock, then running off in a pebly channel, that with many lesser falls winded along, till it fell into a lake at the foot of the hill, about a quarter of a mile below the house on the south side, and which was seen from every room in the front.
Tis night: now do all gushing fountains speak louder.
In a gushing tribute, Mr Osborne said: "Britain is moving again and it's thanks to you.
While model Gandy was busy schmoozing movie execs with an acting career in mind, I'd Do Anything actress Sam was busy gushing her He's former, Corrie actor Richard Fleeshman, who won Soapstar Superstar back in 2006.
While model Gandy was busy schmoozing movie execs with an acting career in mind, I'd Do Anything star Sam was busy gushing about her new beau.
Summary: Daniel Radcliffe's former Harry Potter colleagues have been gushing about his perfomance on Broadway in 'How to be Successful in Business Without Really Trying'.
I'VE recently been observing the American presidential run in on TV and have watched Republican challenger Mitt Romney's wife gushing about the virtues of her husband to continual rapturous applause.
The costly issue of gushing is another problem that Buhler's technology is able to combat.
Extensive efforts were made by Iranian drillers and experts to stop the gushing of oil and gas during the last 38 days but all of them were unsuccessful until last night.
Summary: Washington, July 05, 2010, SPA -- Tests of a giant Taiwanese tanker to collect oil gushing from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico would continue after initial trials were deemed inconclusive because of rough seas, dpa reported.
Poppy Williams, who has lived on Hillside for over 48 years, said: "I heard this dreadful noise and came outside to see water gushing down the road, it was awful.
BRIAN McFadden has put the boot in on ex-wife Kerry Katona by writing a gushing love note to fiancee Delta Goodremon the cover of his new album.
I wasn't a columnist when the Centrum opened in 1982, but an editor assumed gushing duties with a banner headline: "No More Little Town Blues.
Welsh Water workers began repairs in Redberth Close, Barry, after dark on Friday, exposing broken pipes and sending water and sewage gushing along the road, according to residents, who are now demanding answers.