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Synonyms for guru

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a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher

each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion

a recognized leader in some field or of some movement

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He declared that the institution of guruship had ended with him.
GOOD TIME: Women are served food in the open kitchen after the ceremony, left, and a youngster joins in with the festivities at the Sikh Temple in Middlesbrough, below, to celebrate 300 years of the Guruship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Pictures by ANGIE WEALL; JOINING IN: Youngsters enjoy the celebrations, above
During his guruship, thousands of people began to follow the teachings of Sikhism.
Smith struggles, as does His Supreme Gun Guruship, Jeff Cooper.
Masih, Jagdhari, The Understanding of Guruship in Neo-Guruism.
His fall from guruship thus entailed the ultimate humiliation: predator capitalism's most vocal advocate had temporarily been saved by a government-controlled bank.
In Palmer's case the quest toward guruship began in Sarasota when he was given a small orchid (Epi.