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bottom-dwelling coastal fishes with spiny armored heads and fingerlike pectoral fins used for crawling along the sea bottom

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The Flying Gurnard is usually found from East Africa to Australia - but keen fisherman Sean Lavelle was stunned when he pulled a fish with wings out of his net.
The Gurnard gets its name from its 18inch wings - each tipped with razor-sharp spikes.
Garfish and gurnards are starting to be taken regularly; the garfish taking float fished mackerel strip, and the gurnards taking it off the bottom.
The new charter boat out of the Tyne, Amadeus, continues to produce some good fish with cod to 9lb, thornback rays to 4lb and tub gurnards to 4lb featured among its catches over the weekend along with pollock and ling to 1 1lb.
COCKLES, whelks, shrimps and crabs move up a gear when a shoal of red gurnards take a lunch break from grunting.
Grunting is how gurnards keep in touch when danger, or food, is sighted.
Norman White and Steve Moore, fishing out of the Tyne, took cod, ling, gurnards, and wrasse, White taking the best a cod of 12lb 8oz.
GRUNTING gurnards startle some beach anglers after a successful tussle through inshore breakers.
So if your pals in the pub groan in their beer when you tell your grunty gurnard tale ask them if their bladders can impersonate the mating calls of all-in wrestlers.