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bottom-dwelling coastal fishes with spiny armored heads and fingerlike pectoral fins used for crawling along the sea bottom

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I always like to try something new and I'd never had gurnard or hake, but for some reason the words 'haddock and chips' came out of my mouth when I placed my order.
Red Funnel has got together with Gurnard Pines to offer one reader and their family a short break on the Isle of Wight travelling by Red Funnel ferry and staying in selatering accommodation for either a three-night weekend or a four-night midweek break.
A man and woman who were arrested in connection with the case of Damien Nettles, of Woodvale Road, Gurnard, Cowes, Isle of Wight, who went missing on November 2, 1996, have also been released on police bail.
The Fish Made Simple campaign puts 21 varieties of fish on the counter from familiar cod, haddock and salmon to the lesser known gurnard - or ugly fish - along with tilapia, ray wings and mussels, which most people only eat in a restaurant.
He added spotted rays, skates and fish such as plaice, dab, flounder, sole and red gurnard are also found in Liverpool Bay.
Tonight the first batch of 40 chefs are set the challenge of taking just seven ingredients, with squid, gurnard, apples and raisin, and within an hour making a dish of their choice.
Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; USS Dixon (AS 37); USS Gurnard (SSN 662), and USS Ramsey (FFG 2).
Species will be selected on value and availability, with less well-known fish such as gurnard, pouting and flounder likely to feature.
So, Kelly found himself, along with PFD board members Shane Reichert, Alicia McRae and Dawn Collings, Wcnatchee City Councilmembers Don Gurnard and Jim Bailey, Town Toyota Center staff Linda Haglund, Aaron Harvey and Eddy Mattson and Wenatchee city staff Allison Williams, Brenda Guske, Deanne McDaniel and Mark Calhoun, spending the summer researching what goes into managing an event center and booking entertainment.
Place gurnard fillet on top and pour over the white wine and fish stock, season, cover with a lid or foil and cook in the oven for 5 minutes.
ON holiday in Spain, I ate a delicious fish called gurnard.
Over on Tynemouth pier, Tony Anderson won Tynemouth's match with six plaice and a gurnard for 7lb 11oz, the best a plaice of 1lb 12oz.
Mackerel are very small and catches are made up of odd tope, Bull Huss, Gurnard, Dabs, Whiting and Dogfish.