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Synonyms for gurgling

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

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Such things are sometimes hidden among the sunny fields and behind the blossoming orchards; and the sound of the gurgling brook, if you came close to one spot behind a small bush, would be mingled for your ear with a despairing human sob.
There was a gurgling in his throat - a little spasm as he choked, and released his lips for a moment.
The tank was high on the wall, the water gushing down as the chain was pulled, gurgling swishing noises filling the air.
Some 44 adults and gurgling "little 'uns" raised pounds 3,491.
THERE was a lot of crying, dodgy smells and gurgling in Holyrood yesterday.
In a hushed court, Mr Taylor stood up and asked softly of Mr Finn: "She was gurgling, you say?
A gurgling or choking sound could be due to epiglottic entrapment, a partial obstruction of the larynx.
One minute you're lying in bed, snug and warm with your cargo of houseplants, your ballast of books; the next you're gurgling like a carp on the bottom.
Young babies will be assessed on their "crying, gurgling, babbling and squealing" under a new national curriculum for under-fives published yesterday.
Parks and high-rise condos might look better than freeways and warehouses along a gurgling waterway, but do they make a significantly contribution to the city's carbon neutralism?
A gurgling sound can be heard over the epigastrium when air is injected through a tube, regardless of its size and port configuration (of course, this "auscultatory method" is not reliable).
From the unique steering wheel, which spins around a fixed central console, to the spectacular panoramic sun-roof and boomerang headlamps, it's cuter than a gurgling baby.
When he finally did (888-8888), it proved unusable because it received numerous hang-ups, gurgling, and "dead air" calls.
com) stretched all the way across a couple of big widescreen monitors listening to enigmatic rumbles, a mixture of the growl of that death star in Doom 1 with a hint of gurgling water plus randomly released steam--and thinking up what other visual and aural effects they could incorporate.
To don the earthy coating, paraders jump into a gurgling pool of mud.