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small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies

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At its most posthumously successful, stored ghost sperm sired about one in four of the offspring among wild guppies in one stream, evolutionary biologist Andres Lopez-Sepulcre of Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and his colleagues report June 5 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Co-developed by Bubble Guppies series creators, Johnny Belt and Robert Scull and curriculum specialists, and tested by focus groups, the app teaches kids all about animals and allows them to take part in a day of play at school.
The orange patches on male guppies are made up of two pigments: carotenoids (which they ingest in their diets and are yellow) and drosopterins (which are red and which their bodies produce).
First, in addition to running the experiment with a single guppy on the prey side, we also ran trials with 4 guppies on the prey side (4 observers, 1 per guppy).
In a paper published in The American Naturalist, Dr Darren Croft of the University of Wales, Bangor, and a research team from the University of Leeds, suggest that female guppies, one of the most popular aquarium fish, might risk their lives to avoid too much attention from males.
Kids come in for mollies or guppies and as they grow, they get into tropical fish.
In this study, adult male guppies were exposed for 30 days to vinclozolin, p,p'-DDE, and the therapeutic antiandrogen flutamide, administered in the food.
Some of the most gorgeous guppies were hopelessly drawn to fish with black splodges and tiny tails because, scientists believe, they were "unusual" and as a result eye-catching.
The 58-year-old fish fancier from Weymouth, Dorset added: "In the wild, guppies hop from pond to pond in search of suitable mates.
Something female guppies love is a guy with a lot of colour.
He snaps at small guppies because he thinks it will make the older guppies like him more.
Washington, June 13 ( ANI ): A team of evolutionary biologists in Trinidad has found that male guppies continue to reproduce for at least ten months after they die, living on as stored sperm in females, who have much longer lifespans (two years) than males (three-four months).
A new study of wild guppies could unsettle a decades-old idea about the role of danger in the evolution of aging.
The descendants of guppies in Trinidad were reaching sexual maturity at a later age within 11 years after the guppies were moved to an area with fewer predators.