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Synonyms for gunwale

wale at the top of the side of boat

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Again he got the helpless man's head and shoulders on the gunwale.
When the lift came, his face ground forward, and the splintery wood tore and crushed the skin from nose, lips, and chin; and, face downward, he slipped on and down to the bottom of the boat till his limp middle collapsed across the gunwale and his legs hung down outside.
They have thwart pieces from side to side about three inches thick, and their gunwales flare outwards, so as to cast off the surges of the waves.
Within and without the waters rose equally - then lay an instant level with our gunwales - then swamped us, oh
I sat cocked over the weather gunwale, tiller in one hand and sheet in the other; and the sheet, with a single turn around a pin, I was very often forced to let go in the severer puffs.
I struggled on, spasmodically, instinctively, and was barely half conscious when I felt myself caught by the shoulders and hauled over the gunwale of a boat.
I lifted her over the gunwale of the boat in an instant.
Before us was the open deck, and the low gunwale of the boat overlooking the deep water.
Already, in imagination, I stood with her on the gunwale, already I felt the cold contact of the water--when I was startled by a cry behind me.
Those eyes took me in slowly from head to foot; then they wandered slowly around the horizon marked by the rising and falling gunwales of the lifeboat.
A fleet of 371 yachts started in the 50th Sydney Hobart, with 301 finished packing Constitution Dock and Sullivan's Cove, gunwale to gunwale.
For some odd reason she wasn't wearing her usual fishing Crocs and suddenly she slips and falls forward to the gunwale.
The largest of the worked timbers is assumed to be the gunwale at the stern, or bow, of the logboat.
25 cm) marine grade aluminum one piece bottom, closed cell foam floatation, commercial net rail gunwale, composite mooring cleats (4), xtruded aluminum tubular transom, extruded aluminum v stem and formed in keels, longitudinal stringer system, navigational lights, nextwave or equal electrical system, nmma certified to abyc specs, reinforced stainless steel bow and stern eyes.
Massoud added: "The huge shark then hit the boat's gunwale and fell into the middle of the boat.