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the handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun or part of the support of a machine gun or artillery gun

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The fascia letterbox panels are decorated with gunstock checkering and the exquisite engraving of the centre console panel has been inspired by Holland & Holland's distinctive forend diamonds.
Besides shaping gunstocks, it was later applied to a great variety of commercial objects such as sculptural busts, shoe lasts, handles, spokes, keys and more.
Logs with significant defects such as large limbs, knots, decay, or crook often can be sawn into gunstock blanks.
The wood is prized for cabinet work, furniture and interior joinery and is probably the most ideal material for gunstocks.
Polymer's Gun Valley Molders[TM] division is a leading producer of synthetic gunstocks, recoil pads, and other components and accessories for firearms applications.
Bishop & Sons and Reinhart Fajen, and indeed a major share of gunstocks used throughout the United States originated there.
Overmolded gunstocks are a staple of the higher-end, value-added, synthetic gunstock market.
Most serious local shooters at one time or another put gunstocks up to their cheeks in his shop.
Other uses include: billiard tables, tool handles, office and bank fittings, interior joinery, gunstocks, ornamental turnery, boat building and flooring.
S & K Gunstocks announces it is now offering its own Ultra Walnut line of premium-quality, fancy-grade walnut stocks.
Each cabinet contains detailed scrollwork and refined accents, such as subdued lighting and leather inserts to protect gunstocks.
Imbuya's uses include fine furniture and cabinetry work, high-grade flooring, high-end joinery, paneling and other architectural woodworking projects, and gunstocks.
S & K Gunstocks now offers its own Ultra Walnut line of premium-quality, fancy-grade walnut stocks.
Several years ago I got a phone call from a Montana gunsmith named Mel Smart, who built laminated gunstocks with thin layers only in the middle of the stock.
Walnut has many uses, including furniture, cabinetry, architectural millwork, doors, flooring, paneling and gunstocks.