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the handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun or part of the support of a machine gun or artillery gun

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The main outreach aspect of the overall project consists of a stakeholder committee that has prioritized remaining suggested projects within the Gunstock Brook Watershed Stream Geomorphic Assessment document, and the yet to be created 6-8 minute video detailing the project before, during, and after construction in which the engineering firm will have an opportunity to participate in.
I've done an awful lot of stock checkering over a great many years and I can tell you there are very few enterprises in which I have been involved that are more tedious and thankless than gunstock checkering.
From there on my business kept growing until I was able to quit my daytime job in February of 2012 and start carving gunstocks full-time.
This is complemented by French walnut veneer, subtly polished to resemble the oil-finished gunstocks for which Holland & Holland's craftsmen have been famous since the company's foundation in 1835.
A Portland company recently helped Miller come up with new display packaging that includes a cardboard gunstock to demonstrate how holster and gun fit together.
I sometimes checker the calls with the crisscross pattern you might see on a fancy gunstock or carve ducks and other designs in relief on the side walls to dress them up.
Logs with significant defects such as large limbs, knots, decay, or crook often can be sawn into gunstock blanks.
All nine of the participating resorts - Attitash, Black Mountain, Bretton Woods, Cannon, Cranmore, Gunstock, Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, and Wildcat - are within a one-hour drive of one another.
The Circe Predator Call is made from toneenhancing gunstock walnut, and it allows you to make a full range of distress sounds.
His machines spread not only through assignment and licensing, but also through inside contracting (the Springfield Armory), machine shop sales (the Blanchard Gunstock Turning Factory), company formation and management (the Ship Timber Bending Co.
Same thing in New Hampshire, where Gunstock, the county-owned ski area in Gilford with the unsurpassed view of Lake Winnipesaukee, boasts a 2- to 4-foot base.
I'm a right-handed shooter, so when I'm shooting off the right side of the tree, I can plant my left arm on the tree trunk and grip both the hook and the gunstock for extra stability.
Ms Lucas outstripped her only rival, former The Bill actor Ashley Gunstock, by a margin of 2,559 to 210.
the refinishing of a gunstock can be a fun and enjoyable project.