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someone who makes or repairs guns

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Gunsmiths receive training at Gunsite so they can get a better understanding of the capabilities of their firearms, and how then-work affects the performance, durability and handling qualities of a firearm.
Since this was my first fire-damaged weapon, I read all the literature on fire damage and then checked with my master gunsmith at AGI, who concurred with my findings that the weapon was unsafe and I should advise the client to seal the barrel.
It could be argued that gunsmiths are the backbone to the continuation of America's Second Amendment rights.
The two gunsmiths I have taken the rifle to were unable to locate a source for this part.
These are generally easily spotted, and have obviously not been made by a competent gunsmith.
The most frequent use of a chamber cast by a gunsmith is to determine the caliber or chambering of a firearm.
Brownell's gunsmithing category manager and 1911 gunsmith Tony Barnes says the addition of National Match parts can help you significantly improve accuracy--or they can accomplish nothing at all.
We'll get a batch of rifles out of the arms room, upper receivers mostly, and we'll strip them down and give them a good inspection," SPC Reuben Anderson, a gunsmith with the unit said.
I would encourage you to check it closely with a magnifying glass and then possibly have a gunsmith recrown the rifle.
Brownells has opened registration for its 8th Annual Gunsmith Conference and Career Fair.
The gunsmith department at Carl Jarl Group is available to answer questions and to demonstrate how to properly care for a weapon.
Within a few weeks, the craftsmen in the Air Force's only gunsmith shop can produce a weapon from that original collection of steel components.
Many years ago-more than I care to count--I happened upon a gunsmith in San Antonio, Texas.
The CFTC would be set up in the provincial capital at an estimated cost of Rs57 million and it would be the only facility in the country demonstrating modern gunsmith techniques to the artisans," informed Nauman Wazir, chairman PHSADC.
The CFTC would be set up in Peshawar at an estimated cost of Rs 57 million and it would be the only facility in the country demonstrating modern gunsmith techniques to the artisans, informed Nauman Wazir, Chairman PHSADC.