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the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally

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The report found that Justice Department leadership did not know about the gunrunning operation and did not try to conceal information from Congress, as some Republican lawmakers have charged.
After about ten minutes of discussion, YO3 Rodriguez confessed to the gunrunning operation.
The arms scandal first came to light in August 2000 when Fujimori and Montesinos announced that Peruvian authorities had broken up a gunrunning ring led by brothers Jose Luis and Luis Frank Aybar, both Peruvian army veterans.
The campaigning charities say they have been following his alleged involvement in gunrunning for more than six years.
Add gunrunning, opium smuggling, political intrigue, natural disasters, and riots, and the story keeps rolling along.
21 was overshadowed by a news conference in which Fujimori and Montesinos announced that the intelligence service had broken up an international gunrunning ring, including several retired low-level military officers that had been parachuting arms to Colombian guerrillas.
The former NYPD cop says BBC Northern Ireland failed to get permission to play his words and music in an October 5, 1999 Spotlight documentary about four Irish nationals accused of gunrunning for the IRA.
Our City Council is trying to make our lives safer by curtailing gunrunning, and the NRA and gun owners' rights activists are crying foul.
A MERSEYSIDE ex-soldier, trapped in India after being accused of gunrunning, has been told he could still face prosecution.
Lance finds himself on a wild ride through a criminal underworld, slamming face first into corrupt police, a gunrunning biker gang, and a drug-addicted killerC not to mention chilling confrontations with the dead.
Syria and Lebanon must not consent to cross-border gunrunning or infiltration of gunmen in both directions as stipulated under Taef, Sleiman concluded.
The fallout from the failed Fast and Furious program hurtled towards a peak of intensity as the White House invoked executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents related to the gunrunning program, all but ensuring that Attorney General Eric Holder will face a contempt vote on Wednesday.
AN AMERICAN air marshal with alleged links to a gunrunning racket is being questioned by US authorities over the discovery of live bullets hidden inside the airconditioner of a room at Radisson Hotel in New Delhi last month.
The government want to extradite Coke to the US to face charges of running a bloodthirsty cocaine, marijuana and gunrunning cartel.
Informers within the Volunteers warned the British of the gunrunning scheme and the Royal Navy intercepted the Aud Norge off the Irish coast near Cork, whereupon the German captain scuttled the ship to prevent its capture.