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But O'Callaghan, whose life was spared when the gunrunner was killed, tells UTV's Insight programme he feels no guilt for the mafia's murder.
But the other military items, such as bullet proof vests and night vision googles, were now being sold to those who can afford them, the gunrunner said.
Above: Neil Copplestone, on whom the jury were unable to reach a verdict GUILT: Steven Cardwell acted as business director for US gunrunner Steven Greenoe, left.
The painting was allegedly stolen in the 1880s during the Chile-Peruvian war by adventurer and gunrunner, Robert Lawrence Thomas MacEwen, who became the owner of Eigg in the late 1890s.
CONVICTED gunrunner Martin Ferris last night claimed he is in the clear after being arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.
Elsewhere, former IRA gunrunner Martin Ferris snatched Kerry North for Sinn Fein at the expense of former Irish Foreign Minister Dick Spring.
The trouble began, one could say, when man-of-the-moment Brad Pitt (``Seven''), who signed on early for the role of charming but violent IRA gunrunner Frankie McGuire, suggested to producer Larry Gordon that he send the script to the ever-bankable Harrison Ford (``The Fugitive'').
A MERSEYSIDE man accused of being the middle man for an international gunrunner was "living beyond his means" with thousands of pounds in unaccounted-for cash paid into his bank account, a court heard.
It is believed that Bulger murdered IRA gunrunner John McIntyre after Connolly discovered that he was set to give evidence against a fellow gun runner.
Pitt plays the gunrunner as though he's in the service of something ancient, not something personal.
AN international gunrunner played bodyguard to some of the world's top movie and music stars, a court heard.
A TORY councillor who sensationally quit after being unmasked as a former IRA gunrunner has broken her silence to speak of her Provo past.
One-time IRA gunrunner Gerry McGeough is being tipped to run his former Sinn Fein colleagues close.