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Because of this the fingerprints of British gunrunners are smeared all over weapons sent to some of the world's bloodiest conflicts where Oxfam works.
Italian authorities suspect that Minin may have ties to a number of other Eastern European gunrunners who have been arrested in their country over the past few years.
Lieberman, CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb reminded him that press reports and documents relating to Gunrunner indicate that the ATF "abetted the movement of firearms into the illicit gun market, and ultimately to drug cartels in Mexico.
Under Project Gunrunner and the Phoenix off-shoot, dubbed Fast and Furious, the ATF encouraged gun store owners to sell to straw buyers--consumers who they suspected of working on behalf of Mexican drug cartels, reported William La Jeunesse at Fox.
On Wednesday, Gottlieb called for the resignation or firing of Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson because of his failure to respond to Gunrunner inquiries and a March 31 subpoena from Congressman Darrell Issa that sought Gunrunner documents.
23 (ANI): Following the seizure of a ship carrying 76 Tamil asylum seekers off Canada's Pacific coast, Ottawa is worried that more vessels - even with some LTTE gunrunner and human trafficker aboard - could be headed for Canada after fleeing from Sri Lanka.
Written for anyone interested in Irish history or O'Brien himself, this book also includes chapters on O'Brien's jobs as a fisheries inspector and a gunrunner.
The daughter of former IRA gunrunner Martin Ferris won 64,000 votes.
Fact-based comedy drama, starring Nicolas Cage as the guilt-free gunrunner, and Ethan Hawke as the government official.
Film: Carlyle' Crooked: Kerr leaving court during his trial for fire-bomb attack on DJ' Famous friends: Kerr is a pal of gunrunner Paul Ferris, top left, and brother of Simple Minds singer Jim, right' Rip-off: Paul Kerr' Rock hero: Jim Kerr
The ads have helped Scott Weber, owner of The Gunrunner Fine Firearms & Auction Co.
He was followed by former IRA gunrunner Martin Ferris, who took Kerry North, and sitting TD Caoimhain O'Caoilain.
Ray claimed he was set up by a shadowy gunrunner identified only as Raoul
This, he says, puts Jackie Brown's plight in stronger relief - she's a middle-aged, underpaid flight attendant for a fly-by-night airline, who's got to help the feds bust a murderous gunrunner or face a prison term.
While other gun rights groups reportedly have declined to participate in a "new discussion" about firearms and crime with the Obama administration, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today it would be eager to talk with the White House, especially about the "Project Gunrunner" and "Fast and Furious" scandals, where federal agents helped facilitate gun sales to suspected gunrunners.