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Synonyms for gunpoint

the gun muzzle's direction


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Bearded men stopped him at a traffic light on Venezia Street and kidnapped him at gunpoint," the official said on condition of anonymity, recalling that the police chief had been abducted before.
Gunpoint may pay a finder s fee in connection with the private placement in cash or common shares as permitted under the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange.
Summary: A gunpoint carjacking left five women stranded in Gemmayzeh at 2 a.
He entered the Travelex outlet at around 8am, threatened an Indian salesman at gunpoint, forced him to open the cash drawer and hand over the cash.
They kidnapped the trader at gunpoint and left his family in the car.
JENIN, November 24, 2011 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces prevented Thursday , under gunpoint, prisoners in Al-Naqab (Negev) prison from fixing their tents, in preparation for the coming cold, according to witnesses.
A KENYAN man charged in court yesterday in connection with a deadly attack on a British couple told officials that a gang abducted him at gunpoint and forced him to be their guide.
The 47-year-old, who ran Kingkebaburger in the Pembrokeshire town of Haverfordwest, was convicted of committing rape at gunpoint and attempted child molestation by a court in Turkey in the 1990s.
HELD at gunpoint in a Nigerian jungle, kidnapped oil worker Patrick Weber thought he would never see his family again.
TWO cousins have been cleared of robbing a couple of a car in Birmingham at gunpoint after claiming the incident had been staged as part of an insurance scam.
A COVENTRY postmaster and his family, traumatised after being held hostage at gunpoint for 12 hours during a terrifying raid, have closed their business for good.
She testified that Ndima had forced her at gunpoint to accompany him to search for valuables while Markel held her terrified children at gunpoint.
Summary: Police in the Bahamas want to interview Robbie Williams after two photographers who took pictures of him were robbed at gunpoint.
An Arizona federal jury has ordered vigilante rancher Roger Barnett (pictured here) to pay $73,352 in damages to a group of migrants he held at gunpoint and assaulted on public lands in Douglas, Arizona in 2004.
WORCESTER - Police are investigating a reported home invasion at a Maywood Street home yesterday afternoon in which two men - one armed with a firearm - stole items while holding two women at gunpoint.