gunny sack

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a bag made of burlap

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SELECTED WORKS The Gunny Sack (1989) No New Land (1991) Uhuru Street (1991) The Book of Secrets (1994)
A dead body, packed in a gunny sack, was found near Timber Market, Old Haji Camp.
Two tortured dead bodies were found near Rajkot Hospital, Ram Swami area while two dead bodies packed in gunny sack were also found near Haji Camp.
In a separate incident, unidentified criminals threw away a dead body packed in a gunny sack near ICI Bridge.
According to police a mutilated corpse has been found from New Karachi, sector II-G while a dead body stuffed in gunny sack has been found from Khara.
A body stuffed in gunny sack was discovered from garbage dump within the precinct of Risala Police Station.
A quick look at what's left on the racks - it is near the end of prom dress buying season, believe it or not, even though proms are in full swing most weekends through May - is an education for anyone who remembers those, ahem, '80s-era lacy Gunny Sack dresses.
First, she thought of "typical picnic games," such as a gunny sack race and a water balloon toss.
Vassanji (author of The Gunny Sack, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall [see WLT, Sept.
The average price of coal is 3,200-3,400 som per one ton, or 200-250 som per one gunny sack.
The fanny pack holster, such as the DeSantis Gunny Sack, rests in the lap and can be more comfortable on a seated wearer than one standing.
Another body that was packed in a gunny sack was recovered from the Steel Town.
When I emptied the gunny sack on the floor, mom's eyes wandered over the dirty, disheveled blocks, then back up to my smiling face.
In other words, the gunny sack look is out if you're willing to go SHE.
Aqa Muhammad, 60, was abducted by unidentified gunmen from the Sya Gard area 15 days ago and his dead body was found packed in a gunny sack Saturday evening, police spokesman, Sher Jan Durani, told Pajhwok Afghan News.