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wale at the top of the side of boat

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small eellike fishes common in shallow waters of the northern Atlantic

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This all male production of HMS Pinafore, Gilbert & Sullivan's fourth collaboration and first blockbuster, is filled to the gunnels with fabulous wit and sheer enjoyment.
Amanda and Jan Gunnels Burcham, Kathryn Castle, Elaine Surbeck et al.
Rosemary Gunnels, office manager of the Sixth Circuit PD, won the Holly Marie Stutz Outstanding Administrative Award, and Michelle McNamara in the 13th Circuit won Support Staff Employee of the Year.
On the last trip across the river on the night of the evacuation, Russ Kennedy may have taken out 32 airborne troops, but the boat gunnels were only inches above the water.
It was made from English oak and larch and the gunnels were lined with cork for buoyancy.
Over the years they have become a service to trust - the main problem is capacity on the line because most trains are packed to the gunnels, which highlights the need for HS2.
On any night in the chic suburbs of Ixelles and Etterbeek cafes are stuffed to their polyglot gunnels with fresh-faced multi--lingual young things.
Years after I'd left home my old bedroom remained intact, stuffed to the gunnels with teddies and schoolbooks, old make-up and shoes.
My triumph was short-lived though when she got up and displayed her magnificent figure all wrapped-up in a tight-fitting, fluffy, chocolate swirl of a dress, leaving me, stuffed to the gunnels, feeling sick.
14, at Roseburg Memorial Gardens in Roseburg for Arthur Paul Gunnels Sr.
The show is also packed to the gunnels with dazzling effects.
In awful conditions, Ewan Williams and Jasper Warner also tried to race the under-18 doubles, but almost sank as water poured over the gunnels.
Richard Gunnels, advisory council coordinator of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Tallahassee, Fla.
Dunblane's Victoria Hall was crammed to the gunnels with spring blooms, while the show benches proudly hosted some of Scotland's finest pans of snowdrops, crocus, cyclamen, iris and more besides.
Gunnels are ecologically important forage fishes that form part of the diet of birds and commercially important groundfish species (Hobson and Sealy, 1985; NMFS (1); Golet et al.