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the action that ignites the charge in a firearm

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Has provided more than 30 million free firearm safety kits, including gunlocks, since 2003.
From eye and hearing protection to gunlocks and mini- and full-size safes, protecting consumers and everyone who may come into contact with a firearm is of paramount importance.
The company, an outsource manufacturer of security safes, gunlocks, gun-cleaning kits, sporting goods, household cleaning products and various hardware items for retailers like Wal-Mart, also reported a 14 percent drop in net sales, which fell to $17 million in 2009.
To avoid unnecessary risk, the Norwegian government aims to provide gunlocks that, if tampered with or forcibly removed, destroy the gun permanently, rather than deal with potential law suits, accidental injuries or death.
Cheap gunlocks abound, but good, inexpensive trigger locks with innovative features are rare.
The Florida company, which distributes security safes, gunlocks, gun-cleaning kits and other products from its Little Rock warehouse, said it was the first time in company history that sales exceeded $1 million for the month of January.
Thousands of Free Gunlocks to be Distributed to Residents Statewide
Utilizing patented internal chamber designs, the lock fits inside the gun, unlike existing gunlocks that are applied as bulky, exterior accessories.
Cunningham's background is in locksminthing, so he rigorously evaluates gunlocks and safes.
DAC Technologies is a Florida-based outsource manufacturer of security safes, gunlocks, gun cleaning kits and security products whose primary distribution facility is in Little Rock.
DAC's goal is to assist in the reduction of gun violence and the unintentional use of firearms by children and other unauthorized persons through the distribution and sale of its gunlocks and security safes.
Collins, Chairman and CEO of DAC Technologies advised that DAC has received the initial purchase orders from its long-term contract with H&K and has begun shipping gunlocks to meet H&K's safety needs.
DAC Technologies is a Florida outsource manufacturer of security safes, gunlocks, gun cleaning kits and security products that has its distribution center in Little Rock.
Thousands of free cable gunlocks will be distributed in a continuing effort to keep our homes safe.
DAC Technologies sells its line of gunlocks, including its new gun case and accessory locks, to gun manufacturers and distributors worldwide, as well as large retailers and city, state, and local agencies, law enforcement agencies and non-profit organizations.