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the action that ignites the charge in a firearm

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Those tired of history and scenery can exert themselves boating, swimming and fishing at the Gunlock State Recreation Area, the Pine Valley Reservoir or the Minersville State Park and Reservoir.
Government, military and security agencies have expressed interest in the Alpha High-Security gunlock line.
New Omega gunlock technology works when the key engages with the lock and two molded, black chrome cones come together, which expands a soft aluminum ring and locks the chamber.
Collins, Chairman and CEO of DAC Technologies advised that DAC has received the initial purchase orders from its long-term contract with H&K and has begun shipping gunlocks to meet H&K's safety needs.
The kits include educational materials and a gunlock.
In addition, ABI plans to develop a biometric gunlock that will prevent use of a firearm by unauthorized individuals.
The safety kits, which include a cable-style gunlock and a safety brochure, are being provided free of charge by NSSF.
Seventeen of this year's 31 graduates received jobs from $17,000-$30,000 after the training, says Diana Gunlock, executive director of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.
OTCBB:DAAT) today announced it has received 21 new gunlock purchase orders from Sheriff and Police departments in the last 30 days.
We also give a free gunlock to anyone who wants one.
McLaren said the Life Save-R Gunlock will hit commercial markets next spring and revolutionize child gun safety.
The Lever Hammer gunlock is specifically designed for lever action rifles.
Dac Technologies Group International's engineering department designed a special rubber pad for its patent pending gunlock model MTL to prevent any movement of the trigger on American Western Arms Peacemaker and Longhorn model six shooters.
While growth has allowed the city to invest in golf courses, parks, swimming pools, softball complexes and a beautiful trail system that will eventually link the county from Zion National Park to Gunlock Reservoir, it has also meant the loss of open space, more complex crime challenges, and perhaps most evident of all, tremendous traffic congestion.