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any thick, viscous matter

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If you don^t, the sand and WTR gunk up inside the chase bearing.
Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines also prevent the build-up of gunk more effectively than gasolines containing only the minimum amount of cleaning agents as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
They've discarded soup cans containing thousands of dollars and gallons of unknown gunk that grandpa stored for years in the garage.
All of that gunk has to be rinsed with solvents to remove the tar and then painstakingly sorted so the investigators can identify and catalog the fossils therein.
Before growing season, sludge-laden truck from the nearby sewage treatment plant stops by and "injects" the gunk into Bradley's soil.
Alzheimer's disease is characterized by an excessive buildup of proteins into plaques and tangles of cellular gunk that are likely to cause brain cells to die and lose their connections to other neurons.
The focus of our fuels marketing activities in 2010 is all about vehicle protection against engine gunk," said Karen Wildman, Shell brand and communications manager.
The latest victim of Fish Mouth syndrome is young American actress Brittany Murphy who, thanks to some sort of gunk injected into her lips, now looks like the main attraction at Seaworld.
Such as women are the only gender who would a) buy the book and b) believe any of the gunk inside of it.
Measures are under way to clean out the worst gunk - the plastic bottles and bags, tires and shopping carts.
Held throughout the last week of the Christmas term, things kicked off with an auction, before the week got wilder with lunchtime events such as beauty pageants, gunk tanks, a 'slave auction' and a sponsored bungee jump.
136), dirt and other organic gunk can chemically disarm it.
While most people detest the gunk on their cars, Hostetler makes it his job to identify exactly what kinds of bugs splattered their yellowish-brown and milky-white guts across your front windshield.
When the gunk is gone, cover all the surfaces--top and bottom--with a light coat of CLP, NSN 9150-01-054-6453.
Most bugs are small, but they can travel in swarms which can make a large impact on your windshield," said splatologist Mark Hostetler, nationally recognized "Bug Doctor" and author of That Gunk on Your Car: A Unique Guide to Insects of North America.