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very enthusiastic and dedicated

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Fact is, it's Richard Yap who is being challenged by the new show to hustle and bustle harder to keep up with Robin's proven gung-ho performance.
I love sports - I play five-a-side and 11-a-side but I have never done anything like Gung-Ho before.
He said: "As a Cardiff boy I would love to bring Gung-Ho to Cardiff.
We will still be looking to score goals but we can't go gung-ho.
You are asking Celtic in their own backyard to beat Barca in the Champions League but they cannot be gung-ho about it.
Gung-ho interventionists assure us that these challenges can be overcome and that they eventually are.
We can't afford to take a gung-ho approach and chuck the ball around.
He said: "I am sure we won't be gung-ho about it, but it will be a case of 'let's just go and absolutely go for it' on Wednesday night.
But WTC is no tear-jerker -- or gung-ho flag waver.
Fisher subtly suggests the vulnerability behind America's current gung-ho attitude, and in so doing has performed an aesthetic service for its citizens.
The gung-ho assistant reached into his fertile imagination, dreamed up an exciting fast-moving sport, wrote 13 rules, and the die was cast.
A lighthearted, gung-ho, unabashedly pro-Texas little book, ideal as a welcome gift for Texas visitors or a souvenir for tourists.
Bush ("Dubya" in Texan slang), which is gung-ho on its Central American Free Trade Agreement, immediately distanced itself from the unsigned document, released by the U.
Yes, there are some gung-ho, enlisted loyal-to-the-core types, but in my experience, they are few and far between.
With that in mind, we take you to Hokkaido for some gorgeous scenery and a gung-ho adventurer; to Seoul for that nation's biggest and most advanced IT exhibition ever; and, somewhat insanely, down to Kyoto, the only place hotter than Tokyo in July, to meet some very special cabbies.