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very enthusiastic and dedicated

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Get ready to go all Gung-Ho on inflatables at Newcastle Racecourse next month
The aim is to elect leaders who are gung-ho for NATO and eager to sell public assets to foreign investors.
Not even the most gung-ho Linux supporters are saying Windows-based applications will disappear anytime soon--if ever.
Captain David McMillan (Linus Roache) and co-pilot Kyle Rice (Jason Butler Harner) are sceptical about the authenticity of the threat, so Marks spearheads a gung-ho one-man crusade to unmask the terrorist in his midst.
And he seems to have been a bit gung-ho about going to war without thinking through the implications of what would happen afterwards.
Schmidt has tamed his methods slightly - things were comically gung-ho for a few months after he took over last summer - but Bayer's hunger and relentless desire to pour forward should contribute to a dynamic affair.
15pm There's tense music, dingy slums and gung-ho soldiers suspiciously eyeing local Muslims.
Gung-Ho is an obstacle course which is 5k long and open to anyone over 4ft tall to try.
Forget the Ott gung-ho flagwaving and just enjoy the glorious banter from Will Smith, right, at his charming best, and the terrific turns from the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner and Randy Quaid.
Forget the OTT gung-ho agwaving and just enjoy the glorious banter from Will Smith, right, at his charming best, and the terri-c turns from the likes of Je$ Goldblum, Brent Spiner and Randy Quaid.
If users choose to print copies of their book, they can thru the FastPencil platform with their print partnership with Gung-Ho.
STUART McCALL is desperate for Motherwell to bag a goal in Europe but he'll resist the temptation to go gung-ho at home for fear of another early KO.
Warning Lennon not to be too gung-ho in search of a famous win, Big Joe said: " The onus is on Celtic to be more adventurous - they need the points and are at home.
Gung-ho interventionists assure us that these challenges can be overcome and that they eventually are.