gung ho

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very enthusiastic and dedicated

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Gung Ho will be promoting the sponsorship for the US sports brand across social media and experiential activity at the festival.
So, this brings me to the third and final principle of Gung Ho.
ASDA, Britain's third largest food chain, have based the scheme on the best-selling American book Gung Ho, by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.
Plenty of folk had been poking fun at Asda this week for its decision to model its training on the American management bestseller Gung Ho.
When I came back, I was all gung ho, and I've stayed gung ho ever since," said Eddie Holguin Jr.
Arista recording artist Patti Smith, one of the label's founding singer-songwriters - whose debut album was released 25 years ago this coming December - has completed the eighth album of her career, entitled GUNG HO, scheduled for March 21st in-store.
Jewellery Quarter firm Gung Ho reached the people through social media with its Moments of Excellent campaign for footwear firm New Balance.
Jarecki interviews a variety of pundits from both ends of the political spectrum, both disgruntled and gung ho military types, various civilians and even a couple of Iraqi citizens about the title question (``Why We Fight,'' by the way, was the name of the propaganda series Frank Capra oversaw during World War II, back when the reasons weren't so morally murky).
Adapted from Fassbinder's stage play, Water Drops portrays a tortured relationship between manipulative older man Leopold (Bernard Giraudeau) and naive, romantic youth Franz (Malik Zidi), which turns even uglier when Leopold's transsexual ex and Franz's gung ho girlfriend arrive.