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the piece of flint that provides the igniting spark in a flintlock weapon

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Hodge Walker, Noble Energy's Vice President, Gulf of Mexico and West Africa, stated, "The Gunflint project marks our fourth successful offshore major project completed within the past nine months, including the start-up of Big Bend and Dantzler in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the non-operated Alba B3 compression platform in Equatorial Guinea.
Whilst the Gunflint fossils are only about half as old, they confirm that such bacteria were indeed flourishing by 1,900 million years ago.
Odd's mentor is the owner of several business enterprises in the Gunflint community and raises Odd as if he were his own child after the death of Odd's mother shortly after he was born.
When young, the wines often have a floral aroma, which with age, evolves into gunflint and wet slate.
THE STORY: In 1977 in Gunflint Lake, Minnesota, the newly orphaned Ben Wilson goes to live with his aunt and uncle.
The text that follows makes it clear that these illustrations show a recurring nightmare of Ben, a boy living in Gunflint Lake, Minn.
Many of those trees have been planted along or near the Gunflint Trail, a 57-raile-tong paved road that connects Grand Marals with Seagull Lake.
Try for example a Chateau Tiregand from Pecharmant and the earthy dark fruit aromas with a touch of spice and gunflint make it a real food wine, perhaps a great partner to a roast farm duck of the Dordogne or wild mallard from the estuary.
Some Riesling and Pinot Noir wines produced from plantings on schist exhibit a characteristic pepper or gunflint aroma similar to that noted in wine from vineyards underlain by schist in France (Berry 1990).
Chapters on other forms of material culture--pottery, metal and stone--demonstrate equally thorough analysis and beg for similarly interesting stories to be told (for example the French gunflint and the Macassan potsherds).
Geraghty bristled at the memory of endless, wine-soaked dinners and Sunday lunches at this or that restaurant, his father waxing rhapsodic to some waiter about the flavors and aromas unlocked in this or that vintage--the peaches and gunflint in the Schlumberger Reserve; the grilled mushrooms and saddle leather in the Chateau Meyney; the forest of chocolate-covered pine trees in the Pichon Lalande--while he and his mother sat silent as two tourists who didn't speak the language, exchanging amused looks across the table and trying not to laugh.
Oxidization is almost suggestive of smoke, and sometimes botrytis has a gunflint quality.
Kerfoot (1906-2001) lived on Minnesota's remote Gunflint Trail for 60 years.
Award-winning author John Henricksson presents The Gunflint Cabin: A Northwoods Memoir, a memoir hodgepodge drawn from his daily life for 28 years.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-14 May 2007-Verizon called to provide communications for Gunflint Trail fire first responders(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.