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a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten

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While it's hard to get excited about a charging handle, the new GunFighter is a very well thought-out piece.
Peg's test gives Ringo a year to forsake his gunfighter life.
Gunfighter, an autobiography of John Wesley Hardin, tells the story of a real-life Wild West gunslinger, who committed his first murder at the age of 15 and spent his life on the run.
The Outlaw has the Bisley Gunfighter Grips with contrasting Sorrel grips that complement the color case.
And Garner plays both sides of a small town rivalry to find a mother lode of buried gold in the Spaghetti Western spoof SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTER, with Suzanne Pleshette, Jack Elam, Harry Morgan, and Joan Blondell, at 9:20aE and 9:20pE.
A gambler and gunfighter, he was key to enforcing law and order in the Indian territories of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
While Short is best recalled as being a gunfighter in one of the most notorious showdowns in Western history, this survey offers far more insights and comes from meticulous research into archives and historical records to provide the first full biography of the man and his multifaceted life.
In 'Night of Shadows' an aspiring woman detective tries to help an aging gunfighter prove his innocence.
He's the steely gunfighter who just may be ghost of the town's murdered sheriff.
I liked the town's name - it sounded like some r old gunfighter shit.
The film's unlikely hero is Quill (Chris Pratt), an eccentric gunfighter in the Han Solo mould who we meet stealing a metal orb coveted by the evil warlord Ronan.
Jones' last work as an actor was in the 1965 film 'Requiem for a Gunfighter.
Although the film received mixed reviews, critics and audiences praised Quaid's portrayal of famous gunfighter Doc Holliday.
Westerns followed including Cheyenne Autumn, Death of a Gunfighter and The Alamo, with John Wayne.
The film was written by Dean Teaster and DJ Perry as a tribute to his father Robert Doyle Teaster, Ghost Town's one time gunfighter "Digger the Undertaker," a character made famous by him in 1962.